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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

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Sample     Name            Category         Description     

Sample     The 70�s        Decades          Best of the 70�s

Sample     The 80�s        Decades          The awesome 80s

Sample     The 90�s        Decades          The 90�s

Sample     Country         Country          Classic country

Sample     Hit List        Hits             100% pop hits

Sample     Soft Rock       Hits             Favorites

Sample     E/Z Listening   Hits             Love Songs

Sample     E/Z Listening   Hits             Instrumentals

Sample     Classic Rock    Hits             UnClassified

Sample     Electronica     Upbeat           Retail Clothing

Sample     Light Jazz      Jazz             Easy on ears

Sample     Jazz            Jazz             Brunch Music

Sample     Light Classical Classical        Classical time

Sample     The Groove      Upbeat           Party Favorites

Sample     Sinatra         Upbeat           50�s

Sample     R & B Smooth    E/Z              UnClassified

Sample     Raggae          Raggae           UnClassified

Sample     Solid Gold      Oldies           Oldies



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